500 mailing list subscribers, book progress, kickstarter info, and more

Hey Scary Stories fans! Today we passed 500 subscribers to our mailing list. This is amazing news, because if 500 people back our Kickstarter on the first day of our campaign then we will fund 100% and we will likely be featured as a staff favorite, which could be an enormous boost to our book. So, thanks to everyone who trusted us enough to give us their email addresses.

The progress on the book is moving forward. I am on track to finish all the illustrations before the launch of the Kickstarter and Curt’s stories are going to be professionally edited soon. It’s looking like the project will be 100% complete before we even launch the project. That’s pretty rare, and I think our backers will really appreciate knowing the work is already done,

As for the Kickstarter itself, we are looking at doing some cool stuff for our reward tiers. (Think original graphite art used for our book, custom drawings in Gammell style, and quality prints of your favorite images from the book.) We are also planning to offer a special low price for people who back it on day 1. That’s all we can say for now, but we think you will be pleased.

I provided some animations and illustrations that were featured in the new Scary Stories documentary film that just became available on various VOD outlets. Check it out!

Oh, one more thing; our printer ran a sample book for us and we have to say… it looks pretty awesome. It’s around 150 pages long and the art looks fantastic.

Curt and I just want to express our gratitude for the positivity we’ve received in the last few months. Thanks again!