Q: “Is this an official sequel to the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books?”
A: No, this is a fan-made project and a tribute to those books. We hope that our project will direct people back to the originals and to the official sequel by Harper Collins.

Q: “Are the drawings made traditionally or on a computer?”
A: All of the final art in the book will be a combination of digital art, ink, and graphite drawings.

Q: “Is the book hardcover or softcover?”
A: As of now it is planned to be softcover only. Plans may change depending on the success of the kickstarter.

Q: “What are the stories about?”
A: Curt’s stories are mostly original stories from his own imagination (and experience), but some are based on true stories and folk lore. His goal was to make them similar in style to Alvin Schwartz’s writing, but a touch scarier for modern audiences.

Q: “Is this book for kids?”
A: The original books were the most banned books of the 1990s for a reason. But, like the original, there is no sexual content, extreme violence, or swearing. Dark themes such as death, murder, and abandonment are found throughout. Our book is no more or less offensive than the originals.

Q: “How can I get a copy?”
A: The kickstarter for the book will launch October 1st, 2019, followed by the editing and printing process. We expect the books to be available to kickstarter backers by early to middle 2020. If you don’t back the kickstarter then we can’t promise you a copy.

Q: “Have you ever launched a kickstarter before?”
A: Yes! Shane successfully funded a book on kickstarter in 2018 that reached $10,000 (over 400% of his goal!)

Any other questions please send to us directly by clicking HERE.